Pentatonix Cover ‘Rather Be’ Does Right By Clean Bandit

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 3.02.08 PM

Everything the Pentatonix crew touches lately turns to gold. It’s an exciting time to be an a cappella fan and probably an even better time to be a gifted member of the YouTube superstar quintet. With more subscribers than Beyonce, the group has frosted an instrument-free existence on the world stage into a reality. Their latest single, “Rather Be,” a cover of the hit Clean Bandit song exemplifies their sound while paying serious credence to Clean Bandit. It is the rare cover that adds to the original without being derivative or even overshadowing it.

Lately, Pentatonix was a recipient and performer at the Streamy Awards — just a little more proof that the digital space loves it some a capella. Expect to see them next in a cameo performance in “Pitch Perfect 2.”

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