PewDiePie’s Podcast Has A New Home


Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, but that’s not stopping him from expanding his presence all over the web. Like many of his YouTube peers, Felix has experimented with podcasting as a way to create fresh content, launching “BroKen” a free-form podcast co-hosted by friend and frequent collaborator Ken Morrison of the YouTube channel CinnamonToastKen. That podcast is finding a new home this week as Kjellberg and Morrison leave the familiar realm of YouTube behind and bring their fledgling broadcast to streaming platform MLG.TV the home of Major League Gaming.

New episodes of the podcast, the first two episodes of which are available on PewDiePie’s YouTube channel, will stream live on MLG.TV before becoming available on YouTube, iTunes, and Soundcloud, an exclusive arrangement that will bring hardcore fans to MLG for a first look and listen. The audience that PewDiePie brings with him could provide a major boost to MLG.TV which launched last year hoping to take a bite out of game streamer Twitch. With Twitch now a part of the Amazon empire, Major League Gaming is likely hoping that YouTuber star-power can help it to compete.

With over 30 million subscribers PewDiePie is the most popular and visible content creator on YouTube. In recent months, he’s also become one YouTube’s most visibile critics. He touched off a community wide debate earlier this month when he disabled comments on his videos in response to YouTube’s notoriously noxious comment free-for-all, making it clear that even YouTube’s biggest success story found the platforms tools for audience interaction inadequate. With YouTube’s own ownership of Twitch off the table it must certainly be frustrating to see their most visible star deliver his audience to a potential rival. More importantly it fuels the debate over whether YouTube’s creators can truly see the site as a permanent home, or merely as a stepping stone to larger opportunities.