Piotr Michael Is One of YouTube’s Best Celebrity Impressionists

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There is a fantastic niche in the YouTube world — voice actors and impressionists. People who have the great ability to create an entirely new character with their voice are some of the most dazzling and exciting people to share a long cab ride with (as long as they’re good). And Piotr Michael is one of the best.

Not only does Piotr Michael have a rich vein of personalities, characters and celebrities that he impersonates on his YouTube channel, NMR also regularly borrows him to breathe life into the dry-erase world of Draw My News.

You’ve heard his Morpheus and Agent Smith when Minecraft was bought and his Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, but check out his channel where he mimics celebrities ranging from Steve Buscemi to Steve Martin to Stephen Fry.

He has auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” in front of Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers and spent the last several years honing his craft on the YouTube circuit. He’s one of the most talented entertainers around and if you haven’t subscribed to him yet, I hope you’re frantically mashing the button on your Life Alert bracelet because you’re either dead or dying. Do yourself a favor and explore the world of Piotr Michael for a bit.