Real Life Siri Is The Cure For Apple Fever

Last week Apple opened up pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and 6Plus and as you know that means that Apple fever is going to be in full swing for months. That naturally got us thinking about our old friend Siri. She’s been with us for a while now but the girl just can’t quite seem to get it together. To be fair, it’s not entirely her fault. We’ve all dropped our iPhones a few times and that kind of head trauma has got to add up after a while. Still we roll our eyes whenever Siri takes us on a pointless 50-mile detour, or answers our request for Pizza by calling our Mom at 3 am, so naturally we’re loving this video. The gang over on emerging sketch comedy channel Creature have brought Siri to life as the wasted white girl she truly is.

Personally I don’t think Siri is quite so bad. She’s just a slightly inebriated precursor to Skynet. I suggest we all enjoy her wacky antics until she tries to kill us!