Reddit Puts AMAs Front and Center With New App

Among the best known features of the massive online community called Reddit are AMAs. The acronym stands for “Ask Me Anything” and as the name suggests, these interviews are an open forum in which any Redditor can submit any question to the interviewee. Subjects have included popular internet personalities, individuals with unique or unusual jobs or skills, celebrities, politicians, entertainers, and even the President of the United States. Now Reddit’s developers are moving to capitalize on their most popular feature by releasing a dedicated mobile app to make it easier for users to browse and participate in AMAs.


While AMAs are the Reddit feature with the most mainstream visibility, the site is a hub for producing massive amounts of content on a daily basis. A huge community, or rather collection of communities, are responsible for churning out thousands of posts and conversation threads every hour on a variety of topics from the enlightened to the salacious. Reddit is both the birthplace of popular memes and the home of some of the internet’s most noxious commenters. Among all of this clutter it can be difficult for casual users to locate AMA interviews that might be of interest. The app aims to change that by isolating AMAs from the background noise of Reddit’s multiple community homepages called subreddits.


Most of Reddit’s massive popularity has been achieved through organic growth of the community, but in recent months the company has taken steps to guide the growth, first by introducing a dedicated app for Xbox and now by isolating one of its most popular features in its own dedicated app for iOS. The company likely hopes that AMAs will be a gateway for mainstream media consumers who might be intimidated by the hectic nature of Reddit’s homepage. The app is available free from the iTunes app store. An Android version is expected later this week.