Rémi Gaillard vs. Tony Parker Is Trickshot Sports Nirvana

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 2.56.08 PM

Beneath our happy-go-lucky NMR exterior runs a vein of jealousy. It’s a small one, but it flairs up wickedly when we see this video of two respective legends engaging in a trickshot contest like it was no big thing.

Tony Parker, the professional NBA star, and Rémi Gaillard, the YouTube prankster who surprised most everybody with his soccer ball skills in a recent vid, got together recently to duel it out. Tony with a basketball, Rémi and his soccer ball, the two sink impossible shots like they were layups in a game of HORSE.

We don’t want to believe this footage is legit — and yet we’d be heartbroken if it wasn’t. So we’re choosing to believe that these two are just. that. awesome.