Run, Walter, Run! Water-Loving Dog Becomes Viral Star

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.53.39 AM

Who knew that it would only take a dog, a GoPro and the Pacific Ocean to make one of the most fun and memorable videos of 2014? This dog, adorably named Walter has just kicked all memories of “Air Bud” straight out of our collective unconscious. Even though I watched (and rewatched!) this video for free on YouTube, the way this dog hunts H20, I would still pay $14 to see Walter make his trek to water on the big screen.

In fact, hear me out: we put this dog smack dab in the middle of the driest place on Earth — South America’s Atacama Desert — and we follow his ceaseless journey to make it to an ocean. It would be like a “Lawrence of Arabia” for kids … unless Walter dies before he makes it to water … hmm.