Scott Winn Ditches Stormtroopers For Water Park Mayhem

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 12.59.52 PM

Do you need a more valid reason to be a YouTuber than this video by Scott Winn of Scott and Brendo fame? YouTubers get to take over waterparks and do all the shit that those big signs say “don’t do.”

The way YouTubers tell it, being awesome online is like a license to do whatever you want. Awesome content begets awesome content. This water park, 7 Peaks in Provo, Utah (for not drinking, Mormons sure have a lot of awesome stuff), basically handed Scott and co. the keys to the kingdom. “Go nuts, ya wacky YouTubers,” is basically how I imagine the conversation went. And they did. Trikes on water slides, bikini girls, Go Pros. There’s even a subplot about a fat guy getting abandoned by people he considers friends!!!

And of course, a b*tchin’ song by Scott & Brendo to tie the whole thing together. The next time some YouTuber takes over a water park, they’d better damn well invite me.