Scott Winn Lands Ryan Seacrest For Zany YouTube Video

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.03.51 PM

YouTuber “gets” for guest star spots keep getting more impressive. It used to be a big deal if you could get your grandpa to appear on camera, but now that Hollywood is flocking in YouTube’s direction, the A-list is popping up as well.

Check out this video by Scott Winn of Scott&Brendo fame starring Ryan Seacrest. Not only does he get Seacrest to poke fun at his reputation for being the hardest working man in Hollywood, but he actually gets the American Idol star to sweep while rollerblading and paint while using an elliptical.

It’s all in good fun of course, and Seacrest certainly has an interest in digital media: he just purchased a stake in the Digitour and recently hosted a contest to determine the most viral star of them all.

Oh and he’s apparently also started his own clothing line at Macys. Damn, he is hardworking.