Smosh Movie From Defy And AwesomenessTV Acquired By Lionsgate

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Big news: there is going to be a Smosh movie! Anthony and Ian are heading to the big screen for an epic movie, brought to us by Defy Media and AwesomenessTV.

If it’s anything like anything they’ve ever done, it’s going to be awesome. Sure I’m going to look like a creeper hanging out in the theatre with all their tween and teen fans, but so what? Did I gush that this movie is likely going to be awesome already?!

What’s the story? Here goes: “A high-concept Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure for 2014, “The SMOSH Movie” revolves around an embarrassing video of Anthony that resurfaces online right before his fifth high school reunion, leading the Smosh duo into a headlong race to remove the clip before it ruins Anthony’s chances of reconnecting with high school crush Anna. Anthony and Ian leap through a portal onto YouTube, and what follows is the adventure of a lifetime as SMOSH encounters one YouTube celebrity after another in their quest to alter a video and hopefully change their lives.”

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The movie will star some of their YouTube contemporaries including Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, Shane Dawson, Mark Fischbach (Markiplier) and Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval — that’s over 32 million combined subscribers.

The film, which has been acquired for worldwide distribution by legit-ass company Lionsgate who made it pretty clear that they’re almost as excited as we are:

“The SMOSH Movie brings to life a YouTube comedy franchise beloved by fans around the world and reflects our commitment to extend storytelling in exciting new directions that reach today’s digital audience,” said Lionsgate President of Acquisitions & Co-Productions Jason Constantine. “We’re delighted to extend our relationship with the versatile and incredibly talented Brian Robbins, with whom we’re partnered on a range of film, television and digital properties, as well as to add one of DEFY Media’s great digital properties to our roster.”

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The script was written by Eric Falconer, a guy who used to write for “Blue Mountain State” (so the movie will start off amazing and slowly drift into tedium — bah dum chee!) and was directed by Alex Winter, the guy who played Bill in “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”!!!

Damn, right? I’m gonna scalp tickets for this one.