‘Star Wars’ Without John Williams Score Is Unsettling, Awkward

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We’ve presented music videos without music in them and they’re passably freaky — but you never notice how much music adds to a motion picture until you lose it. Especially when that music is the score of modern-day Mozart John Williams.

Sure Alfred Hitchcock left all the music out of “The Birds” to heighten the discomfort you experienced while watching it — but this is on a whole other level. “Star Wars” needs music — I’d like to imagine that if the “Star Wars” universe were real, they’d have John Williams’ music pumping through a sound system wired up to the entire galaxy. John Williams would be the ambient noise — and not just the movie’s theme — ALL of John Williams’ works. Han should be able to know the exciting drama of an approaching “Jaws” or the heroic adventure bombast of one Indiana Jones while making the jump to lightspeed.