Taco Bell Taps Tyler Oakley For Teen Scholarship Program


Teens love Tyler Oakley. In fact, he’s got a Nickelodeon Teen Choice Award to prove it. He’s also the most recognizable pitch man for Taco Bell’s highly successful social media campaign, which has brought some of YouTube’s brightest stars together to drum up love for the taco chain. That’s why when we heard that Tyler was involved the Taco Bell Teen Foundation’s new scholarship program, “Graduate For Mas,” we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Oakley is helping to promote the program which offers one lucky teen the chance to become a Taco Bell ambassador for education. The winner will appear in a Taco Bell ad and also receive a $30,000 scholarship to support their further education. The winner, known as the Taco Bell Teen Scholar, will also serve as an ambassador to other teens and hopefully inspire more young people to pursue higher education.

It’s not the first time Tyler has teamed with Taco Bell in the name of education. He also joined notables like football star Reggie Bush, and YouTube musician Megan Nicole to promote Taco Bell’s campaign to lower high school dropout rates nationwide. Taco Bell has long taken an interest in the lives of its teen customers. The Taco Bell Teen Foundation has been in operation since 1992 and Tyler and company are just the latest round of teen connected stars recruited to get the message out.