The 13 Best Moments from the 2014 Streamy Awards

The 4th Annual Streamy Awards have come and gone once again. As always, online videos’ biggest night was filled with epic moments, big surprises, and a few technical mishaps. For your viewing pleasure NMR presents a list of the 13 best moments at last night’s Streamy Awards.

1.) Hosts Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart opened the show a hilarious and heartfelt monologue. The duo put their flawless comic timing to work for an opener that perfectly balanced humor with sincere appreciation for what has been a HUGE year in online video. By the way, we’re placing bets now, how many years before we see Grace hosting the Emmys?

2.) Jenna Marbles got things rolling in true awkward fashion. Jenna took home the first award of the night for Best First Person Channel and seemed genuinely caught off guard. The girl who is totally chill talking to 14 million people via web cam couldn’t get off the stage fast enough. It’s ok Jenna, we’re all internet people, we get it!

3.) Michelle Phan received the first every ICON award for Inspiration. Despite being one of the most successful individuals on YouTube her acceptance speech was gracious, modest, and down to earth. Take notes Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift, this is how it’s done.

4.) We’re not entirely sure that Tara Reid knew where she was when she took the stage with Jack Vale to present the award for best Action/Sci-Fi Series, but you’d be a little dazed too if you survived not one but two Sharknados.

5.) Oh, no big deal, that’s just NMR’s OWN Jenni Powell on stage at the Streamys for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!


6.) We detected exactly zero flaws in Jhene Aiko’s performance of “The Pressure”

7.) And lest we forget, the epic talents of Postmodern Jukebox who slayed the evening with their retro covers of modern pop hits. Here’s a little snippet captured by NMR’s social media team.

8.) Tyler Oakley is rarely without a quip or a sassy comeback but the vlogging superstar was genuinely choked up accepting his ICON Award for Activism in recognition of his work with The Trevor Project.

9.) Harley Morenstein and Epic Lloyd took the stage to present the award for best gaming channel but they dumped the script in favor of dropping some major truth bombs. Harley reminded the audience that most of the night’s YouTuber honorees are millionaire entertainers who should command serious respect even if we often pretend otherwise.

To paraphrase Beyonce “of course sometimes sh*t goes down when it’s a billion millions of dollars on the elevator microphone”
10.) Mamrie Hart honored the late great Joan Rivers in a brash but touching speech. Hart reminded the audience that the iconic Rivers, always ahead of the curve, had launched her own YouTube channel at the age of 80 and embraced new media’s biggest stars.


11.) Vine’s Comedy Queen Brittany Furlan accepted her award in style and shouted out the creator of Vine for changing her life and the lives of her fellow Viners.

12. The comedy team at EnchufeTV took home the Audience Choice Award for Show of the Year proving that the YouTube revolution is a global phenomenon.

13. Starship closed out the evening with a killer performance of “Nothings Gonna Stop Us” and “We Built This City.” Watch closely to see the NMR team getting their dance on with Steve Zaragoza and Phil DeFranco!

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