The A-Z’s of Death As Explained By College Humor

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College Humor should do a whole children’s series of morbid entertainment. I would love to see the Challenger explosion made into a children’s book or perhaps the Spanish Inquisition as a Saturday morning cartoon. Why hide from tragedy when we can educate and entertain? Is there really any such thing as “too soon?” If you answered yes, you probably won’t want to be friends with me.

In their A-to-Z nursery rhyme of things that will kill you, College Humor effects the work of Edward Gorey to bring a macabre twist to education. A is no longer for apple — it’s for alcohol, which leads to liver failure and driving impaired. Now ask yourself this: would you rather have your toddler know the name of a fruit or be able to make sensible choices behind the wheel of an automobile?

I thought so. Point lil’ Susie or Tommy in this direction and hit play.