‘Give It Up’: Elusive Musical YouTuber Kutiman Is Back

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.59.50 PM

Scrolling through the YouTube musical arranger Kutiman — aka Ophir Kutiel’s previous videos is like taking a trip back through time. Literally, the Israeli sensation hasn’t had a new video in 11 months — and before that, it was like three years and then five years. Seriously, he’s the musical Terrence Malick. But the important thing is … he’s back.

Utilizing 23 musical tracks from separate YouTube channels Kutiman created an original piece of music called “Give It Up” that has already smashed and grabbed YouTube’s interest. Named after the vocal singer’s title track, the song has also attracted controversy for what some view as a utilization of others creative works for personal gain. But Kutiman attempts to link to all the videos he uses and YouTuber KarmaRedd — the vocal singer whose track he uses (and who should be blaring out of stereos on gray days) is grateful to Kutiman for his exposure.

Now that he’s here again, let’s hope he doesn’t see his shadow and disappear for another six years …