The Five Best Minecrosoft Reaction Videos

Since the news broke that Minecraft maker Mojang had been purchased by software giant Microsoft, we’ve been paying close attention to the reaction in the Minecraft community. We were surprised to find that most creators were taking the major change in stride, expressing confidence in Microsoft’s ability to run Mojang and even help the Minecraft community grow. Still, it’s not as if there isn’t any dissent, or even worry. Here are our top 5 #Minecrosoft Reaction Videos.

Minecrafter Pracy imagines the future of Minecraft by Microsoft, right down to the inevitable and unwanted Bing promo.

Our friend Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy fame tried to steal some of Mojang’s thunder by announcing that he had ALSO been acquired by Microsoft though under more modest terms.

Even Conan O’Brien wanted to get in on the fun with this highly accurate recreation of how Notch celebrated the sale.

YouTuber Dan Bull delivers a heartfelt open letter to Microsoft on behalf of Minecrafters everywhere and just to add a little razzle-dazzle he does it in the form of a song.

But we think that YouTube gamer Luigistar11 might have said it best.