This YouTuber Created ‘Minecraft 2’ For Microsoft


With Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang due to be finalized later this year, the future of Minecraft is uncertain. While some players and creators are optimistic about the future it’s hard to guess how things will change in the usually freewheeling world of Minecraft once massive corporate Microsoft takes the reins. YouTuber Seth Bling, a digital animator best known for his Minecraft based films and music videos, has a few ideas. This video is tongue in cheek but it’s likely to fool at least a few fans. Behold the future: Minecraft 2.

As an added bonus you can download the spreadsheet Seth used here. Speadsheet-based games are notoriously temperamental but I managed to make it work on my elderly laptop, so chances are you can too. It’s not quite as exciting as the real deal but it’s a fun way to kill time if your Monday is dragging.

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