Throwback Thursday: Red Dresses and Weddings!

We’re trying to mix things up and come up with interesting ways of digging back into the history of YouTube. So for this Throwback Thursday, we decided that we would choose a color and come up with a YouTube video for that. This time? The color is red.


Cat O’Grady

Today’s #TBT theme is the color red, and apparently I’m not allowed to talk about Netflix for an entire segment, so instead I just went back through all the YouTube videos I’ve ever seen looking for what would jump out at me. I ended up going with the pretty girl in a red dress, which happened to be the thumbnail for one of my favorite YouTube cover songs – “Typecast” by TessTubeBaby.

Back in late 2013, you couldn’t leave your house without hearing a million different covers of Lorde’s “Royals.” Eventually, it occurred to some people that they didn’t even have to use the real words to do a fantastic cover, and songs like “Typecast” were born.

Tess Paras uses her musical abilities to take a comedic look on the state of, you guessed it, typecasting in the film industry. It’s a subject I’ve been told to shut up about on multiple occasions, so I really loved this video the first time around, and I can’t wait to send it around to everyone all over again.


Evan DeSimone

I’m not throwing back very far back for Throwback Thursday this week. The minute someone mentioned the world “red” in connection with YouTube I immediately jumped back to the Game of Thrones “Red Wedding Reaction Video” trend from just over a year ago. Game of Thrones has quickly evolved into one of the worlds most watched, talked about and blogged about shows, so when the series killed off a major chunk of its principal cast in a bloody season finale the entire internet lost its damn mind. Then they filmed their friends losing their damn minds and posted it on YouTube.

Obviously my geeky heart is warmed to see people jumping out of their seats when Rob and Catelyn Stark meet their fate. I’ll make this a true Throwback Thursday and confess that I actually read the book on which these events were based way back in the dark pre-YouTube days of 2001. I had a similar reaction but sadly, no one to share it with. This time around I wasn’t surprised, but it was fun to see other people experience that shock for the first time.

As a fan of media in general it’s always fun to see people having a genuine reaction to something. As a person who is known to talk way too much about television in social situations, it’s equally fun to see people sharing their reactions on social media. The Red Wedding videos are part of a larger trend of people experiencing television together not just with people who are physically nearby but with a community who enjoys these shows in the same way.


Jeff Klima

When I think of the color red on YouTube, several things come to mind (Miranda Sings’ messy lipstick, that “Gingers Do Have Souls” kid). My favorite amongst them though is this German Forklift Safety Video that’s been kicking around the web for years. I don’t know why it exists, I only know that it does exist and for that, I am grateful. When I first saw it, I thought it was a legitimate safety film — don’t ask me why I was watching german safety videos when I should have been at my prom.

While it starts out a little dry, that only serves to disarm you for the mayhem and carnage that follows. Easily one of the most brutally hilarious videos ever posted to YouTube (or anywhere else, for that matter), the GFSV details how many things can go wrong when you’re irresponsibly piloting one of these four-wheeled spear-tipped hellcarts. Criminy, I’m afraid to go to Home Depot for weeks after I watch this video — which is a shame because I like to look at their assortment of hammers and dream about owning one myself.

If you’ve got seven or so minutes to kill (literally, perhaps), then by all means settle down with one of the funniest videos you’ll ever see. And I think it’s been long enough since that whole “World War II debacle” that we can start laughing at German-made videos again. And of them, this one is the best.


Logan Rapp

When we decided the theme, it took me about a nanosecond before I had mine. Frankly, I’m surprised that my brain didn’t immediately go for something hyperviolent, what with all the Tarantino and Mamet and Crank 2: High Voltage I’ve consumed in my lifetime.

Nope, I’m with Cat, the first image that popped in my head, not even needing to bring up YouTube, was a red dress. Specifically that of Amy Renee Heidemann on Karmin’s cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Which, I suppose it goes to my film noir roots, albeit in a different manner.

I suppose I’m just a sucker for a dame in red.

The track starts off like your typical cover, albeit Amy’s got a bit more control over her voice than many you’d find back in 2011 (hence Karmin being signed to the Epic label). Everything’s enjoyable and even as the camera pulls away, Amy’s got your complete attention and that dress pops out of the background. In industry terms, they call that “star quality.”

Then it pulls back and out of nowhere ?uestlove comes into frame and you’re all “have you been here the whole time?!”

Yes, ?uest’s been there the whole time.