Tiny Detectives: The Version Of True Detective We Deserve?

When True Detective announced it would continue on for a second season with a new cast and new story, the internet was abuzz with hope that the next installment of the anthology would feature someone — anyone — besides the traditional straight white dudes that tend to lead any American show ultimately classified as “critically acclaimed.”

In a move that astounded virtually nobody, Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn were announced yesterday as the first cast members of Season 2.

This compliance to the status quo was clearly anticipated by Funny or Die, which has so kindly provided the internet with a wistful alternative of what could have been.

While we’re sure Farrell and Vaughn will do a completely acceptable job alongside their as-of-yet unannounced co-stars (rumored to be Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams), who wouldn’t have loved to see a version of the well-regarded show that instead starred Ellen Page and Kate Mara? Not that their comedic chops aren’t completely on point, because they are, and Tiny Detective could totally be an awesome series, but a serious version would have been just killer to watch every week.

Sigh. Maybe for Season 3 — though personally I’m forever keeping my fingers crossed for Anna Kendrick and The Rock.

Clearly the entire internet has come up with dream pairings for an alternative True Detective — what was yours? Share this video with your friends using those handy dandy buttons on the left and let us know!