‘Too Damn High’ Internet Meme/Politician Now Corporate Shill

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 3.32.25 PM

Jimmy McMillan isn’t selling out, he’s buying in. The New York Governor would-be has just become Hailo’s pitchman in their bid to carve out some market space against Uber. Changing his ubiquitous slogan, “The rent is too damn high” to “The rates are too damn high,” Jimmy is essentially pitching you a cheaper cab company.

Jimmy certainly isn’t the first meme to go corporate — Grumpy Cat is now the face of Friskies, everybody and their mother has done work for Wonderful Pistachios and even Sweet Brown found life after YouTube as a pitchwoman for a dentist’s office.

These internet memes get sweet paychecks from corporations in exchange for you mocking them on the internet. And of course the corporations get coverage from articles like this. It all sounds like a pretty fair trade.