Twitter Organizes Flight — A Mobile Developers Convention

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Not to be outdone by Vevo announcing their new concert series, Twitter announced Flight, a tech convention they will be hosting in October.

The convention which is going to be geared towards the discussion of all things mobile, will take place in San Francisco on Oct. 22 and be geared towards developers.

Twitter initially tried the “tech conference” thing back in 2010 with an event that they called Chirp. By all accounts it was a perfectly successful convention, but there was no follow-up to it, so the idea floundered — or to use avian parlance, “lost its wings.” Now Flight is the heir apparent to Chirp and as Jeff Sandquist, head of developer relations for Twitter said on Twitter, appropriately:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.46.28 PM

This announcement came on the heels of an impromptu “Never Forget: Chirp” response from the Twitter hoi polloi, which could be considered somewhat bad taste on 9/11, but we’ll worry about that down the road.

Twitter proper discussed the new Flight convention in a blog post, saying:

We’ve reorganized all of the content so that it’s easier for you to navigate and get your questions answered. All of the old discussions have been migrated to our new discussion forum; you can reclaim your old posts by logging in with your Twitter account. We’ll be adding a lot more features to the site over the coming weeks.

This is an extraordinary time to be an app developer. Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to build great apps — and great businesses. We hope to see you soon at Flight!