Twitter Will Now Target Your Posts For New Movie Ads

"Dear Twitter: I just developed a huge crush on this handsome "bad boy" NMR writer ..."

“Dear Twitter: I just developed a huge crush on this handsome “bad boy” NMR writer …”

Have you joked recently about having “the odds be ever in your favor” on Twitter? You might be the subject of a new Twitter revenue ploy. In the company’s desperate bid to turn a profit, Twitter will now be targeting its users’ comments to direct advertising in their direction: specifically movie trailers.

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“Our recent research shows that Twitter is a major influence on movie choice,” Jeffrey Graham, global head of research at Twitter, told The Hollywood Reporter. “Not only are people hearing about new movies on Twitter, they are using it to make a decision about what to see, then sharing their experience with friends.”

So Twitter is sagely taking advantage of their influence and now catering specified users to Hollywood. Additionally, Twitter would do all the work of figuring out which algorithms to use in targeting you via your comments. So if you did that “odds ever in your favor thing” or maybe said you wanted to pay a “tribute” to your late nana, guess what? You might just be getting “Mockingjay: Part One” ads in your feed.

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Hopefully, for my sake, Twitter doesn’t extend this same sort of ad target deal to Barney’s House of Piss-Related Tortures.