Two Big Announcements from Tyler Oakley


If you’re longing to hear even more of Tyler Oakley’s voice, then today is your lucky day. Just one day after serving as the featured guest on the debut episode of Grace Helbig’s instant hit podcast, Oakley along with frequent collaborator Korey Kuhl have launched their own foray into the world of podcasting. The show, called Psycho Babble, went live today on iTunes and has already made its way to #10 on the top episode charts. Not quite the massive splash that Grace made by debuting at #1 but still a respectable achievement, particularly for a first-time podcaster.

Tyler announced the podcast this morning via a video promising a more informal chat show style, guaranteed to appeal to diehard fans. The initial show, which premiered today, is a chatty half hour of gossip and stories from Oakley’s increasingly star-studded life. Expect to hear some tidbits from behind the scenes at the Teen Choice Awards where Tyler was honored and the MTV Video Music Awards where he worked the red carpet as an interviewer.

If the podcast wasn’t enough, the video contained more big news for the Tyler Oakley fan girl army. Oakley announced the first leg of a surprise live tour. Tyler will visit Chicago and his home state of Michigan for the first two installments of a slumber party-themed live show. Given the skyrocketing popularity of YouTube’s top stars live shows have become a popular option for creators who want to maintain a personal connection with their audience by meeting fans face to face. With tickets starting at $25 a head, live shows could also prove to be a popular venture for the wildly popular Mr. Oakley.