Vice YouTube Channel Comment Spurs Police Lockdown at University

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Police locked down a women’s dormitory on the University of Alabama campus after an ugly YouTube comment promised physical violence in the form of a shooting would soon occur.

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The message, which was posted by “Auther pendragon” to a Vice video on YouTube about the history of racial segregation in the UA greek system, mentioned specific events that occurred on campus and asked the question, “Do you want to know how it feels having a Tar-21 passing through your flesh(?).”

Yeah, we didn't know what a Tar-21 was either. Probably healthier that way.

Yeah, we didn’t know what a Tar-21 was either. Probably healthier that way.

Fortunately, the school is taking the threat seriously, though it isn’t sure at this point if it’s a credible threat or not. “This comment appears to have been the catalyst for the incident last night at Tutwiler,” said UAPD chief of police Tim Summerlin said to “Posting a terrorist threat is a crime and will be treated as such. UAPD is aggressively investigating to identify the individual(s) involved. Among other things, we have requested search warrants and are consulting with the FBI.”

Search warrants were being requested though at this point Summerlin feels the threat isn’t credible and for now students should just go about their daily lives. Maybe wear a bulletproof vest or something for the next couple weeks though …