Vine’s 10 Best #6SecondAuditions

It’s clear that Vine has star making power. Its creators are garnering millions of followers, landing record deals, and winning awards. Still, I wouldn’t say it’s the best place to demonstrate your acting skills. It looks like Vine is out to prove me wrong though. Check out the best of #6SecondAuditions to see some Viners try out for the role of a lifetime.

I hear there’s a Bill and Ted remake in the works so let’s keep these guys around.
I really like this minimalist interpretation of Titanic.
Jake nailed this audition. Too bad Alien vs. Predator killed this franchise.
Paul has confused Humprey Bogart for that one gangster character from Looney Tunes.
Cate’s updated take on Romeo and Juliet could be just what the theater world needs.
With this guy we’ve got a pretty good start on casting the whole play.
ChaCha is serving us Wizard of Oz realness.
Sydney doesn’t have a particular part in mind but she wants you to know she’s got a type.
Jerome is auditioning for the part of Anne Hathaway, probably after the 2010 Oscars.
Nick’s got the voice down but he might want to shave if he’s going to nail the look.
Finally we have Tyler, resurrecting the most classic role in modern television.