Wait, What?: NMR Interviews ‘Vine Star’ Larry King

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Our friends at Collab had a brilliant idea for Social Media Week L.A.: get talk-show-legend-turned-social-media-star Larry King trending on Vine. Could an old man be a talking point in arguably the youngest social media platform? The answer, as it turns out, is a huge yes. It’s good to know the youngsters of today have some respect for their damn elders. A loop of Larry King, correctly reacting with confused contempt to the viral Vine craze the “Shmoney Dance,” has roped in over a million views since it was posted by Collab.

The segment, hosted by top Viners Ry Doon and KC James, was appropriately titled, “Lets Get Larry King Trending on Vine.” Of course merely writing about this fantastic and funny idea only has merit if you can actually talk to the eponymous star of “Larry King Now” which runs on Ora TV. So that’s what NMR did. And as it turns out, for a Vine star, Larry is actually a pretty cool guy (ooh, Vine burn!).

Why did you decide to get trending on Vine as opposed to one of the other mediums? Is this a statement of your belief in Vine’s future?

Larry: I’ve been a part of Social Media Week for the past three years and have always been fascinated with new ways to connect with an audience and the evolvement of media and communication. It satisfies my natural curiosity. I started my career as a radio broadcaster, then moved to TV on CNN, and now I’m on an Emmy-nominated web show with “Larry King Now” on Ora TV. I’ve used social media in recent years to extend the conversation beyond the cameras, so to come and learn about how this hugely popular medium is expanding really interests me.

How did this whole project come about in the first place? Is this just a shameless bid for self-promotion or is it an attempt at some grander message? Either answer works in this day and age, so…

(Larry provided one answer for both questions — old people do that sometimes) The one thing that amazes me about Vine is the ability for people to creatively deliver a message so quickly. Admittedly I didn’t know much about the platform until recently, but have found that it’s hugely beneficial for people trying to break into media and get their name out there. We have a new crop of talented broadcasters and entertainers connecting with audiences all over the world through Vine. It’s very exciting.

If you had a Vine account, what would be featured on it? Do you do any celebrity impressions?

I’d probably feature some behind the scene funny moments with guests from my show “Larry King Now.” Maybe my kids, the boys are 15 and 14 and love this stuff. I can burp at will, maybe I would Vine that.

What’s been your favorite social media moment so far?

My favorite social media moment so far is when I was a guest on Snoop Dog’s GGN show last year and we dressed up like each other. Some of the images and videos from that day went viral. I think I got stoned just being in the room with Snoop, it’s hard not to around that guy. I love Snoop, always a great guest and a good friend.

Ahh, good stuff. Be sure to visit Collab as well as share this madness on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, let’s get a Larry King INTERVIEW trending … huh? huh?