Weekend Web Series Watch List


It’s Friday, so naturally we’re all thinking about what we’re planning to binge watch in our pajamas this weekend. Isn’t that what people always talk about on Friday? Just kidding! We all have active social lives, I swear! Seriously though, there are tons of fantastic web series out there and this weekend is a perfect time to discover your newest addiction. Here are some our top picks for your weekend bingeing pleasure:

Job Hunters – “Job Hunters” is a fun mashup that brings together some tropes from popular dystopian YA novels, with the anxiety of the Great Recession. Currently in the midst of its second season, Job Hunters tells a story that might sound familiar to any twenty-something. In a not-so-distant future a group of young people are deposited into a high-tech arena and forced to fight for their lives, but the prize isn’t fame or fortune, it’s a job and the chance to have a productive future. Making matters more complicated, when they’re not fighting to survive the competitors live Big Brother style, in a massive mansion safe-house. It’s the Real World meets The Hunger Games. Job Hunters mashes up traditional action with some fun satire of the current jobs crisis with some great twists and surprises along the way. As a bonus it includes some familiar YouTuber faces like Kristina Horner of ITalkToSnakes and Joe Homes of Plus2Joe.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy –– If you’re looking for something with a little less life and death with a lot more heart then let me recommend “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.” Like the title promises it’s a modern spin on the classic story of Peter Pan that channels the spirit of fan favorites like “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” and “Welcome to Sanditon.” The show transplants Neverland to Ohio and makes Peter’s refusual to grow up more metaphorical than literal but all the familiar notes are still there. Wendy is a girl who isn’t sure quite what she wants and Peter is a boy struggling to take on responsibility. They’re surrounded, of course, by a cast of zany characters who help them on their way. We even had a chance to chat with series co-creator and star Kyle Walters earlier this summer about the show. They just met their Indiegogo goal for Season 2, so hurry and catch up on Season 1 while you have time!

Uninspired – If you want a slightly more gritty take on young adult life, then “Uninsipired” is probably your ticket. Comedian and writer Becky Yamamoto created and stars in this story of Sarah, a young woman who suffers one of those all-too-common millennial identity crises after losing her job. Faced with an indifferent boyfriend and a group of friends who just don’t get it, Sarah floats through a bunch of equally mortifying scenarios while trying to figure herself out. Yamamoto has a keen comedic eye and a talent for picking out the millions of subtle embarrassments that go along with joblessness and young adult social life in general. Grab some ice cream and laugh your way through the twenty-something pain.

Pioneer One – This series concluded some time ago, but it’s a show our Editor-in-Chief loves. Following the crash of a radioactive unidentified object from space along the United States/Canadian border, US Homeland Security agents are dispatched to investigate and contain whatever it is they find. Of course, the agents aren’t exactly operating in a hotbed of activity, so they have few if any resources with the federal government constantly breathing down their necks to get quick and easy answers for the public. One of the early successful Kickstarter projects for the pilot, they then ran their own crowdfunding project and secured $30k to complete their 7-episode season. With thirty minute episodes that first blew up on Bittorrent, Josh Bernhard and Bracey Smith managed to make a thinking person’s sci-fi series on a shoestring budget that proved to be popular both on Bittorrent (400k views for the pilot alone) as well as their YouTube channel.

Classic Alice – In the web space, book adaptations are doing quite well, and “Classic Alice” has a clever way of incorporating multiple books into the series. Rather the characters from classic literature being updated and adapted to the modern day, creator and star Kate Hackett has taken the tact of her Alice Rackham being a college student who decides to live her life one book at a time in order to more emotionally connect to the material. This, of course, creates conflicts when one of those books may be, say, Crime and Punishment. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the show is deep into their second season.

Sync – Along with the more independent series, we threw in this larger production for good measure. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more visually stunning, Bammo and Corridor Digital created last year “Sync,” a series wherein an operative (Tanner Thomason) is the first computerized human, able to move his consciousness between copies of himself. While initially the wisecracking Thomason is taking down drug cartels and rescuing people in distress, a hack gone wrong begins triggering a worldwide digital disaster, leaving him as the only person capable of handling it. As always, Corridor Digital knows how to make an action sequence.

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