WheezyWaiter Reaches 1,000 Video Milestone, Proposes To Girlfriend

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 12.16.28 PM

So Craig Benzine, better known to people who aren’t his mother as Wheezy Waiter, just hit 1,000 videos. And oddly enough, the milestone video was simply titled “?”. Turns out, if you watch the video, that “Y” is the answer to a riddle that stretches back three months.

Clever fellow that he is, Craig made the first letter of each video for the last three months a cipher for the phrase “Chyna, Will You Marry Me? It’s a fun way for a longtime YouTuber to propose to his incredibly patient girlfriend, Chyna, and involve his audience. Obviously, she says yes (it doesn’t spoil the thrill of watching it happen to tell you that) and there are tears involved.

Congrats, Craig, from NMR, on achieving TWO major accomplishments with ONE video. You don’t have to invite us to the wedding, but remember us for the bachelor party.