Why Is John Oliver All Over Your Internets?


If you keep seeing John Oliver in your Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline it’s probably because he’s been killing it with his weekly news wrap-up show “Last Week Tonight.” We all knew John Oliver had what it took when he subbed for John Stewart as host of “The Daily Show.” That’s why we were so pumped when HBO gave him the chance to host his own very own news send-up show, “Last Week Tonight.” Since it launched earlier this year he hasn’t let us down. Oliver has followed in the footsteps of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in taking on the news of the day, or in his case the week, with eye toward laughs. He’s made great use of his sharp observational skills and even sharper wit to skewer both sides of every news story and major issue from the Ferguson, Missouri Protests to Scottish Independence, but along the way he’s become something more, our Explainer in Chief.

HBO has been generous about releasing lengthy segments of “Last Week Tonight” on YouTube and those segments tend to be the loopy lectures in which Oliver dismantles a pressing political issue piece by piece. In between his rapid fire jokes, made all the better by his jaunty English accent, he cuts up complex problems into easily digestible morsels. Those morsels have racked up millions of views and shares from people who otherwise wouldn’t’ be caught dead watching a 15 minute video about Predatory Lending, Native Advertising, or The Wage Gap. We, ourselves, even cited him for his great work on Net Neutrality. Oliver has found a way to get Americans to eat their news vegetables like they were ice cream and it’s pretty impressive to watch.

This week John Oliver is trending for skewering both sides of the Scottish Independence debate as only a true self-effacing Englishman can.

You can find a few more of our favorites below.

Here’s John talking us through the Ferguson, Missouri protests against police violence

And here he is somehow making us laugh while actually thinking about income inequality