Will Punishing Litterbugs Be The New YouTube Revenge Trend?

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Working at NMR is a bit like being a stockbroker — we’re always on the lookout for new trends in the market. Our market is YouTube of course, and our gains are views. So we’re always trying to increase our gains by offering you the hottest new commodities and occasional speculations that turn out to be junk bonds.

The point is this:

YouTube moves to a beat and YouTubers are very receptive to innovations such as this video of an anonymous Russian girl on a motorbike returning people’s trash to them in the messiest way possible. We’ve got two potentials here: either YouTubers start mimicking her actions to effect a global change or this channel goes HUGE and she becomes a star YouTuber. Of course, a third option is that we likely never hear from her again, but what fun is that.

NMR’s prediction? She makes a fine career for herself with more of her vigilante actions. We don’t think YouTubers in America are quite up to the task of aggressively throwing litter back at the litterbugs.