Will Sobo Be the Vine of Audio?

When Vine first hit the app store a lot of people scoffed. “Six second video clips!? That’ll never catch on.” Clearly the critics were very wrong so we’re going to go ahead and say that there’s huge potential in a new app called Sobo. The name stands for Social Soundboard and it’s basically Vine but for audio clips. You get six seconds to record whatever you want and you can share it with the followers that you will hopefully amass.


We’re not sure exactly what you’re supposed to record. According to early reports from the apps creators, beta testers have been using it to share birthday and holiday greetings or to boast about events they’re attending. These things tend to take on a life of their own once they hit the public so we’ll have to wait and see what kind of use social media addicts will find for Sobo, but in a world that found a use for Yo the future seems bright with possibilities.

Sobo is the latest addition to a generation of social media built around a single limitation. While early social media sites like Facebook and Myspace tried to let you do everything in one place, the current trend is imposing rules to see what people will create around them. Twitter’s 140 character limit spawned a legion of quippy comedians and social news junkies, Vine’s six second video limit forced users to make their jokes quick, punchy, and visual. Sobo hits the app store today and it’s likely that early adopters will be the ones to set the tone. Just remember us when you become the Brittany Furlan of Sobo.