William Shatner Boldly Follows George Takei Into Digital Universe

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Considering the digital realm has been around for a while it isn’t exactly “boldy going where no man has gone before,” but the online world is excited to see another Trekker take the plunge into online celebrity. William Shatner, now better known by Millennials likely for his “Priceline” commercials over his time spent aboard the Starship Enterprise, is returning to television. Only this is online television and there won’t be any Vulcans.

Shatner’s hosting a cooking series on Ora TV where he goes around interviewing his favorite chefs and learning the noble culinary tradition. Sure, this might seem like a game opportunity by Shatner to have Ora pick up his food expenses and pay him for it, but Shatner and the channel have a past. Earlier, Shatner worked with Ora on “Brown Bag Wine Tastings,” a show where Ora likely picked up Shatner’s drink expenses and paid him for it.

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“There is a mix of folks that Bill is really fascinated by, as well as some other well-known chefs we think makes sense for this kind of work,” says Jon Housman, chief executive of Ora TV, to Variety.

Fellow old-time-TV-personality-turned-new-media-personality Larry King is a minor stake holder in Ora TV, so look for Geritol to be one of the major ad sponsors here.