Women Creative Wednesday: The Women of the Streamys!

For this Women Creative Wednesday, we’ve still got the Streamys on the brain, so we decided to poll our editorial team to pick out the lady Streamy nominees and winners that they’ve come to enjoy. Here they are!


Evan DeSimone



It was great to see Grace Helbig at the Streamys. Great to see her nominated obviously, but for me it was even better to see her hosting because she’s a natural. Her jokes hit, her timing is great, she knows the crowd, and she rolled with every single technical malfunction with as much… grace as you could expect. During the show I jokingly tweeted, “We’re taking bets, how long before we get to see Grace doing this at the Emmys?” I was half kidding at the time but the more I think about it the more inevitable it seems. This year Grace is launching her own talk show on E! filling the shoes of the departing Chelsea Handler. If she stays true to form I have no doubt we’ll see her walking the carpet at next year’s Emmys with hosting duties not far behind.

Obviously I root for every member of the digital entertainment community to succeed but  I pull especially hard for Grace because I was there at the beginning or, I guess technically, before the beginning. I know it’s not #ThrowbackThursday, but prepare for a self-indulgent anecdote. I once played beer pong with Grace Helbig. I know, I know, but calm yourself. Grace went to the same New Jersey college as several of my close friends. While visiting them I attended a party and found myself racking up cups against a girl who absolutely annihilated me and kept the room laughing the whole time. Even then you could tell that she had a spark, so much so that when I stumbled across her early DailyGrace videos a few years later I remembered her immediately.

Those first videos are a little more raw, — the signature opening line is “What’s up f**kers” — but all the pieces are present. From the beginning you can see Grace’s signature style, a quick wit masked by a slightly awkward presentation. It lets her be funny while staying relatable. I once described Grace as “The Johnny Carson of YouTube,” and it’s a compliment that holds up. She’s witty enough to hold her own with anyone as she’s proven with everyone from Shane Dawson to the late Joan Rivers, but she’s also self-effacing enough to make every collaborator seem funny and clever in their own right. That’s the hallmark of a great host and the reason I know she’s going to kill it on E! and beyond.


Jeff Klima



I met Brittany Furlan at an ill-fated meetup of Viners early last year before Vine really became “a thing.” NMR was supposed to do a series of interviews with many of the top Viners (including Brittany). Many interviews were recorded and we were going to do a whole “Vine Week” on NMR (which we should totally still do). It was going to be glorious. And then NMR’s editors lost all the footage. Ouch. So we never published Brittany’s interview, but I came away from that meeting dazzled. Brittany was so animated and spontaneous — it was like watching Robin Williams or trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Her personality on-screen was exactly the same person off-screen — fun, sweet, sassy and most of all, zany. I came away from that interview feeling like she and I could be the best of buddies.

I interviewed her again later on though and she didn’t remember me in the slightest. But I wasn’t hurt (okay, I was a little) — see, Brittany is not only a performer, she is a hard worker. One of the hardest workers in new media. She is omnipresent at many of the generic YouTube events — just out there meeting people and expanding her brand. You can hear her from a mile away. Perhaps these are the reasons that the Streamys elected to give her their Viner of The Year award? They recognized that she is able to combine the silliness with ambition — a recipe for stardom if there ever was one.

Beauty, brains and hard work have combined to make Ms. Furlan one of those people who is destined to succeed in life. I respect the hell out of that.


Logan Rapp


On this one, I’m gonna go with someone that I’ve just discovered — Rosanna Pansino, of Nerdy Nummies fame. It’s a very simple concept — Rosanna bakes a nerdy-themed treat, and invites the rest of us along for the ride. She’s as sweet as the goods she bakes and the guests she has on the show creates this feel of a Fringe-paralleluniverse My Drunk Kitchen.

And yet, it’s the same universe. We get both. How cool is that?

Ro’s got the channel going as a well-oiled machine; she’s comfortable with herself and the hosts and has an easy, almost big sisterly disposition. And she loves Groot. The show doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but the production is so damn competent that it feels as though you’re in the kitchen and she’s showing you what’s going on. When a YouTuber can make you feel like you’re right there with her, that’s when you know you’ve got something special.

And her hair game is always on point.


Cat O’Grady



The one thing we love more than powerful women is women who try to empower other women. Michelle Phan posted her first make-up tutorial 7 years ago, and every video since then has had a central theme about being yourself and being confident. Since then, she’s gotten over six million followers, started her own company and has a book coming out later this year. Ok, so do a lot of of other YouTubers, but we’re still pretty impressed.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Michelle Phan, she does make-up tutorials on the YouTubes. Her channel has everything from basic to foundation to seasonal looks to Sailor Moon eyes. On a more personal note, this was one of the first channels that I started following, back when I wasn’t entirely sure how to use liquid eyeliner.


At the Streamys this year, Michelle was nominated for Beauty Channel and Fan Favorite, and she went home with one of their coveted Icon awards. It goes without saying that she looked fantastic.

That’s all well and good, but makeup tutorials are a dime a dozen on YouTube. What makes Michelle stand out in a sea of “how to use highlight and shadow” vids is her attitude. Her videos aren’t your paint-by-number instruction manuals, but are also about how to use makeup to express yourself. Experiment with your looks, your use of her tutorials, and above all, be yourself!