Ylvis Goes ‘Trucker’s Hitch’ For Knot-Themed ‘Fox’ Sequel


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The stigma that goes along with having a massive hit for a first song is that everything that comes after feels desperate by comparison. It’s not a fair comparison, but Ylvis also isn’t the first musical act to be subjected to this scrutiny. Currently Psy is on the hot seat for a worthy follow-up to “Gangnam Style.” “Gentleman” and “Hangover” didn’t quite do it for most people and as a result, the Korean singer slides ever further back into pop culture history.

Ylvis is having that same issue. After their monster comedy hit “What Does The Fox Say?” blew up across the world, the Norwegian comedy duo has tried to relive that magic — first with “Massachusetts,” an ode to a very mixed-bag state (Don’t judge ‘em by South Boston) and now “Trucker’s Hitch,” a country-fried jam about how to tie knots.

There’s almost something Andy Kaufman-esque about their humor in the wake of “What Did The Fox Say?” it’s as if they are telling a joke that is only funny to them and delighting in that fact. Now there’s nothing wrong with that — in fact, we enjoy believing that they’re doing this, but as Psy is finding out, there is an issue of diminishing returns that can sting a lot.