YouTube Matchmakers: NMR Ships YouTubers Who Should Totally Date

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It’s Friday (unless you live in, say, China) and so we thought we’d pull our old matchmaking gloves out of the closet. See, YouTubers are mostly busy making videos and doing fan engagement, plus a lot of them are shy so they never get to meet even when at big YouTube events like VidCon. So we at NMR decided we would get our Dating Game on and pair up YouTubers who we totally think should be together.

Now this is all fun Friday speculation, so even if a particular YouTuber already has a love-of-their-life (and some of them do!), it doesn’t count today. Today is all about us finding soulmates who just don’t know it yet. But if any of these couples do happen one day, we totally get front row seats at the wedding.

Jenna Marbles & Destorm


I’m surprised these two aren’t already a couple … they’d be perfect for one another.

D’trix & Bethany Mota


It would be a shame to let all this good dancing go to waste.

Brittani Louise Taylor & EpicLloyd


The funny that would come out of this shipping would be a powerhouse YouTube channel all its own.

PewDiePie & iJustine


Just imagine these two, sitting together for hours, gaming, making any weird sound that came into their heads. Ahh, bliss.

Smosh & The Harp Sisters

smoshTwo pairs that would be impossible to break up.

Tyler Oakley & DaveyWavey

tylerShort, blond and handsome meets short, brown and handsome. That’s all it takes to be soulmates, right?

Shay & Colette Carl

shayEven we wouldn’t try to split up this perfect — and already together — pair.

Grace Helbig & Harley Morenstein

Picture 3Weird, right? Just think about it a bit and you’ll like it as much as us.

HowToBasic & Miranda Sings


God, these two would be like a new media Natural Born Killers. So hot.

Onision & Grumpy Cat

onisionThese two could just sit and hate on everything together.

FPSRussia & Olga Kay

olgoWe’re not going to say it’s an accent thing — but it’s totally an accent thing (even if his isn’t real). Plus she would look so cute holding that big gun.

Taryn Southern & Jeff Klima

TarynLook, it’s my damn list. I can dream how I want to.