YouTube Promotes Scumbag Video On Their Trending Channel

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YouTube is incredibly square when it comes to their online presence, so it’s interesting that they’re touting this video of a “homeless guy” who uses women to get by.

The video, from Elite Daily — a Vice magazine wannabe — puts us in cultural awareness of two of the Millennials’ douchier people. One is this asshat reporter from Elite Daily who slouches in his chair and looks like he thinks Justin Bieber is King Midas, Jesus and Cookie Monster all rolled into one. Rule one of on-camera reporting: Don’t be more irritating than your subject. The other is this unidentified homeless creeper who begins his narrative (really it’s an editing choice but he still said it) “Since there’s eight million people in this city, if you’re not getting laid, you’re a f**king asshole.” Classy.

The video goes on to detail how this guy makes $150 a day panhandling and spends roughly four nights a week sleeping over at women’s homes that he meets on the street. He also steals from stores to keep himself looking “trendy.”

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According to YouTube Trends’ blog: “This piece of docu-journalism about a homeless kid and his decidedly millennial approach to making ends meet set the Internet aflame this week. Thought-provoking, strange, and totally dark, the video’s had 3.5 million views since it was published on Monday and is a breakout hit for the “Voice of Generation Y” blog (it’s their first video to crack a million views).”

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Sure YouTube Trends is covering a video that’s done well from a potentially up-and-coming channel, and it’s not YouTube itself that is glorifying the exploits of this decidedly homeless “free spirit” (he chooses to be homeless and calls himself “a gypsy”), but come on! There’s got to be another video that promotes something a little more culturally positive than 2014’s version of “Midnight Cowboy.”

I’m not saying they need to stick to Disney, but there’s gotta be something other than this that has gone viral this week.