YouTube Stars On How To Get 1 BILLION Views! [NMR Video]

billionvsAs you know the NMR team is always scouring the world for the best tips and tricks to help out or readers. We’re just full service that way. When the Fine Brothers invited us to their party to celebrate 1 billion views we saw a perfect chance to snatch some of the lightning in a bottle and share it with you. We dispatched NMR special correspondent Graham Kurtz to infiltrate the event and unlock to secret to YouTube mega-success. Use this knowledge wisely and you’ll soon be celebrating your own billionth view. Just remember to invite us to the party, we love parties.

If you want more of Graham you can find him over on EpicRobotTV where he stars as straight-laced John Darling in “The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy.” Check it out before he puts all this knowledge to use and blows up bigger than PewDiePie.