YouTube’s Leading Ladies Dish Dating Advice

If you spent the summer mainlining interactive web series like @SummerBreak and Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart’s #HeyUSA you may want to mark your calendars and click subscribe on “The Feels.” Astronauts Wanted, the production company that launched two of summer’s most popular web series, has brought together a group of your favorite female YouTube and Vine stars for some real talk about sex and relationships. The ladies will take fan questions and provide their own unique spin on advice for dating and relationships in the age of social media.

Astronauts Wanted has assembled a pretty epic lineup of YouTube “sexperts” for “The Feels” the panel includes Andrea Russett, Briane Worth, ElloSteph, Stevie Boebi, Akilah Hughes, Laci Green, Hannah Witton and Vine stars Simone Shephard and Hannah Pilkes. Based on the trailer it looks like nothing will be off limits, seriously, it’s worth watching just for a few seconds of Hannah Witton cackling gleefully about Snapchat dick pics.


Like some of its predecessors the series is unscripted and relies heavily on social media and viewer interactions. Fans are encouraged to submit questions via social media and to continue the discussion on twitter and tumblr after the show. In addition to taking viewer questions the show will devote a section of each episode to decoding a particular dating app or site. With the sheer number of romance tools out floating around social media space it promises to be a helpful guide for everyone. Who better than Laci Green to teach us the difference between proper etiquette on Ok Cupid and Badoo?

“The Feels” premiers September 24th on Astronauts Wanted with weekly episodes going live every Wednesday.