10 Amazing Fake Twitter Accounts You Need To Follow


Troll Twitter accounts are usually one-off that die when whoever is controlling them gets too lazy or too busy to keep them up. These are not those accounts.

The minds behind these Twitter accounts seem to do nothing all day and tweet about their non-existent lives, and I am loving every minute of it. For example, Guy in Your MFA tweets about 5-6 times a day. Something tells me that this guy exists and someone who is stuck rooming with him bitterly tweets every waking moment they have to spend with him.

For some of you aspiring writers, Worst Muse has you covered when it comes to leading you astray.

Evghenia on Mars is a relatively new account, and if you haven’t guessed by now, all she does is tweet about being the first person on Mars.

Fake Hannibal enjoys chastising the things he refuses to eat.

Now if you haven’t started following Jesus or God on twitter for your daily dose of blasphemy, you are missing out. Both accounts update regularly and one of them even got a book deal! Nope, that’s not a Bible joke, the God twitter account really does have his own book.

Sad Paul Giamatti is depressing until you imagine him actually saying these things, then it becomes hysterical.

Marvel-lovers you are not left out in the cold on this one. Bucky has his own account and my god is it laden with gold.

Not Tilda Swinton was an amazing parody account until Tilda Swinton publicly spoke about it. However, if your looking for that nugget of makes-no-sense philosophy and Jaden Smith hasn’t filled that void for you, this account has got you covered.

I Hate Steampunk that fell into sad disrepair back in December. I think maybe one of the Tesla coils it used to tweet may have blown. I also have high hopes that it may make a comeback.

Seinfeld Today gives the gift that keeps on giving. Seinfeld, if it had never ended.

Yes, I know, that was technically eleven accounts but if you really think about it, Jesus and God count as one right? Right?


Quick! Share this out before all of these accounts are left out in the cold, alone and abandoned!