14 Reasons NMR Is Obsessed With Sunny Mabrey

Do you have a moment to talk about our personal lord and Vine savior Sunny Mabrey?

She’s already an established actress. Her most recent credits include playing Glinda the Good Witch on “Once Upon A Time,” but don’t let that fool you. She’s no goody-two-shoes. Her Vine provides all the proof you need that hilarious Sunny is a hilarious bad ass. Her Vine’s are a gift from on high and every loop brings us closer to enlightenment. Here’s 14 reasons why we’re obsessed with Sunny Mabrey:

Despite her royal status as a Queen of the Internet she’s always kind to the help. Making life easier for others is just part of her charm.
She’s a master of seduction.  
She leads a glamorous Hollywood life, but she also understands the plight of average American single moms who also happens to be a vampires.
She’s the very definition of chill.  
She just wants you to be your best!
She’s a champion of family togetherness and working out your problems through honest dialogue.  
She’s the only living human who understands wtf Bjork is saying.
She’s a career woman who’s overcome her crippling Obsessive Compulsive Dancing Disorder  
She’s adventurous with her personal style
She speaks fluent Southerner  
She’s a master of the modern love story
She’s super maternal and nurturing  
She’s the best party guest you could possibly hope for.
And of course, she did…this…whole…thing?  

By now you have, no doubt, acknowledged that Sunny Mabrey is the Vine Queen we need and deserve. I hope you leave here feeling enlightened. However, if your heart is capable of containing just a little more live scroll down for some killer….BONUS CONTENT!!!!!

Maybe you’re wondering, was Sunny still rad back in the dark days before Vine entered our lives? The answer, obviously is yes. Among her many other credits, she was in the music video for the Limp Bizkit classic “Nookie.” That’s more pop-culture street cred than any one person needs. Repeat after me: “Your faves could NEVER”


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