23 Million Views For Shocking ‘NYC As A Woman’

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Sometimes videos just need to exist for educational purposes. You don’t really understand a problem until you live in another person’s shoes for a while. Activist group Hollaback encapsulates that perfectly with their monster sociological horror story “10 Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Woman.” Posted to the generic Street Harassment Video YouTube channel, this footage of a girl who isn’t even provocatively dressed is at the very least, an eye-opener. People deserve better than this.

Enduring harrassing and demeaning comments from men of all ages, this girl in the big city uses a hidden camera to document the many, many times she is hit on, commented on and treated like a piece of meat. When I see how this average girl gets treated, I’d be terrified for a tasty piece of ass like myself to rollerskate the sidewalks of the Big Apple in my gold lamé hotpants.

Seriously though, one of YouTube’s most valuable contributions to the world is that it is able to promote jaw-dropping social commentary to the world in a way that few other medias can. Over 23 million people have been exposed to this (or, possibly, one person 23 million times). Hopefully the message clicks for at least some of them. I know it’s made me reconsider a few things.


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