5 Vimeo Videos To Scare The Pants Off You … Tube

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Who says Vimeo is the artier cousin of YouTube? Probably Vimeo’s PR people, that’s who. But just because something has lots of videos of flowers floating lackadaisically on ponds set to Enya doesn’t mean it can’t also have scary stuff too. Of course, we tend to stay away from Vimeo’s dark side until it gets close to Halloween. Only then do we feel brave enough to poke the beast.

Here are five videos from Vimeo that make us feel not safe at night. We warned you…

5. Too Late


This man gets an important call that comes just a little too late…

4. Scary Kinect

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but I don’t want to watch it when I am alone.

3. Nightmares In My Head

Damn, Vimeo people. You weird.

2. Blenderstein

Who said cartoons were for kids?

1. Lights Out

Artsy horror that will make you want to keep the lights on!

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