8 Awesome Costume Ideas from YouTubers

It’s October 1st, which means Halloween is just 31 days away. (Technically 30.5 at this point.) I don’t mean to stress you out but you should probably get your costume figured out ASAP. You don’t want to show up a Halloween party looking like a last minute loser. Fortunately the YouTube family has tons of helpful tips to offer, whether you’re a makeup-pro, a special effects wizard, or just a DIY diva. Check out some of our favorite costume tips:

If you’re looking for DIY tips for a costume that’s fun, cute, and creative then you should turn to the person who embodies all three. Beauty Guru Andrea’s Choice is your girl and these costumes are perfect if you’re planning to stall until the last possible minute.


ThreadBanger has a brand new video that’s just in time for costume season. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never really went out of style but with the new movie just released this summer this cosplay tutorial couldn’t come at a better time.


This one requires a little more skill and material but it’s also painfully rad. Alex the Movie Geek puts his special effects know-how to work to sculpt a totally insane latex costume perfect for any H.P. Lovecraft fans out there. You’ll be the life of the party dressed as the Great Old One Cthulhu, cosmic embodiment of evil.


Against all rational odds Frozen is still totally a thing, so let Michelle Phan teach you how to transform yourself into Elsa the Snow Queen.


We’re pretty sure that Bethany Mota is still going to be swinging around the set of Dancing With The Stars this Halloween so maybe she’ll recycle this adorable DIY minion costume. Some looks never go out of style.


This one’s a little older but the classics always come back in style eventually. Fortunately for us Bryan Singer rebooted the X-men timeline and brought Cyclops back to life just in time for Halloween. YouTuber Clyde Max has the perfect Cyclops visor to complete your Scott Summers ensemble.


If you’re looking for a more literal “comic book look,” beauty guru Emma Pickles has you covered with this amazing golden age look.


Nothing like combining Halloween with one of the internet’s latest obsessions. This quick and easy tutorial from BeforeandAfterTV will turn you into a perfect Steve. Can you DIG it? (This pun is terrible!)

If there’s one thing YouTubers know it’s how to party, and that includes seasonal parties like Halloween. Let us know which of these looks is your favorite, and if you decide to borrow some of these hot tips be sure to tweet us a picture.

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