9 Lip Dub Videos You Don’t Want To Miss

Lip syncing. We all do it. Shut up. Don’t even try to pretend you don’t. A song you love gets going, you know all the words, nobody’s around, you sure as hell can’t hit half of the notes so you just kind of contort your face and pretend like you ARE the amazing vocalist belting out the lyrics. And hope against hope nobody sees you because, ouch, awkward.

But some people want to be seen lip syncing. Some people, in fact, record it on video and post it to YouTube. And we love those people. Those are great people. Because, whether surprisingly impressive or intensely awkward, they give us something tremendously entertaining to watch.

Here are nine of our current favorite lip dub videos.

1. “I Want it That Way” — Back Dorm Boys

I am old enough to remember when this was a hugely viral video. Basically back when video was invented. These two became known as the “Back Dorm Boys” and released a bunch of other equally poppy lip sync videos, some of which you may still be able to dig up. It was a whole thing. A really weird, really magical thing.

2. “Drive By”

Train isn’t exactly the least annoying band on the planet. But this enthusiastic group effort makes the song worth listening to, at least this one time. Particularly that one woman with the toy car who looks like she’d very possibly sneak into your room and smother you in your sleep if you didn’t give this video a “thumbs up.”

3. “Roar” — Lakewood High School

You can’t search for lip dubs on YouTube without coming across a million videos by ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOLS. It makes me really jealous. Why didn’t we ever make videos like this in my high school?? Oh, right, probably because YouTube didn’t exist. Still, it’s a shame. This appropriately themed Katy Perry lip dub by the Lakewood High Tigers is easily one of my favorites, and actually makes me wish I’d ever had an inkling of school spirit. Look what teens can do when they work together!

4. “Raise Your Glass” — Cosplay Fever

Filled with super impressive cosplayers who aren’t necessarily going to be the next lip dub superstars, it leans towards the “awkward” end of the lip dub spectrum. But damn, those costumes. It’s a really cool one to watch, especially since it features such a wide variety of con-goers.

5. “Shawty Get Loose” — GracenMichelle

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video. I think I’m even watching this video when I’m not watching this video. If you’re a fan of Grace Helbig (and if you aren’t, are you human?), I strongly urge you to take the dive not only into this video, but through this entire channel filled with her early collaborations with Michelle. You, too, will undoubtedly end up mourning the partnership that never should have ended. Such joy. Such…strange wonder.

6. “Marry You” — Isaac’s proposal

I think most people have seen this video by now, but even if you have, you’re probably ready to watch it again. It’s one of those dumb awesome things that melts even the most hopelessly frozen of hearts. Which is to say, even I felt some sort of emotion when I watched it. It may have been like “thirst” or something, but there was a thing felt. Thirst is an emotion, right?

7. “Wannabe” — Dylan O’Brien

So this was a surprise. I’d been told the object of the Teen Wolf fandom’s affection had a YouTube channel in his pre-Stiles days, but I had never seen it. Lo and behold. Just watch it.

8. “Starships” — Pitch Perfect Cast

Aca-no shit of course I was going to put this on the list. Your starships ARE meant to fly, my wonderful cast of Pitch Perfect whom I adore to a completely normal and healthy degree.

9. “Party at a Rish Dude’s House” — PrinceAndFluffy

And fulfilling the “weird” quota of the list (because no, we actually haven’t yet), here is a Ke$ha (RIP “$”) lip dub by two ancient stuffed polar bears named Prince and Fluffy. I know what you’re thinking — “Stuffed animals can’t lip sync!! They don’t have movable lips!” Well, yeah. Duh. But Prince and Fluffy are strong independent polar bears who aren’t to be deterred by such mortal obstacles. Also, they may or may not be owned/manipulated by my friends Max and Katie. On an unrelated note, I am accepting applications for new friends.

What are some of your favorite lip dub videos? Share this with your friends and let us know!