A YouTube Farewell To Patty Walters


Say it isn’t so! Pop-punk prince Patty Walters is saying so long to YouTube to focus on his band, As It Is. In a video uploaded last night Patty announced that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from his channel in order to focus on touring and recording with his band. Obviously we’re sorry to see Patty go but we’re also thrilled to hear his other big news. As It Is has been signed to Fearless Records so Patty and his band mates are headed to the States to start recording their debut album. After those recording sessions are out of the way Patty tells us that the band will be hardcore touring for the next year, meaning that even though we’ll miss him on our computer screens there’s a chance we might be able to see him do his thing in real life.

Like many musicians Patty first came to YouTube to promote his music, posting original songs and covers every week. However, he was soon embraced by the UK YouTube community as part of the digital family and he’s been posting a mix of covers, originals, and YouTuber collabs ever since. We’re going to miss Patty, but rather than mope about it we want to take a look back and celebrate his time on YouTube and wish him tons of luck with everything that comes next. Once a YouTuber always a YouTuber, after all.

We were first introducted to Patty Walters way back in ’09 with his cover of Joshua Radin’s Winter.


Still, he didn’t fully embrace his internet side until 2010 with this rad cover of Schmoyoho’s classic Double Rainbow Song. Meme Level: Critical.


Then came his cover of Shane Dawson’s semi-historic single Superluv. This version is a certified jam.


By 2012 Patty was collabing like a pro. Here he is covering “Finite” with fellow YouTube singer Eleni Drake


By 2013 Patty was a bonafide YouTuber dishing out advice and encouragement to his fellow creators in this advice video.


In 2014 he beefed up his pop-punk AND YouTube credentials with his own twist on Rebecca Black’s viral classic “Saturday.


He even introduced us to his girlfriend, one of our favorite YouTubers, the lovely Dottie Martin.


Then last night he announced that he was launching his new chapter. We want to wish him all the best. Come back and pay us a visit on the YouTubes someday, won’t you?


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