Amazing Kickstarter-Funded ‘Animator vs. Animation 4’ Just Dropped

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Alan Becker has a gift for bringing a whole lot of personality into his art. Under his design, a simple stick figure becomes a fully-fleshed character with hopes, dreams, thoughts and a backstory. So it is with frenzied excitement that we are able to present to you all, his latest effort: Animator vs. Animation IV.

While Alan has been a steady presence on YouTube for years, it is his AvA series that really speaks of his profound talents. And up until early last year, it didn’t seem like we’d see another one. Having graduated college, Alan wasn’t going to be able satiate the fans demanding more AvA without a little help — so he turned to Kickstarter.

Looking to raise $10,000, Alan released a videotaped plea that brought his face into the spotlight and explained how he wanted to do AvA IV properly — but it was going to take some time. He predicted early August of 2014, roughly a year from when he posted the Kickstarter. With just over $11,000 in funding, Alan set out to bring us the greatest Animator vs. Animation of them all — and he freaking did it.

Now that his long journey is at its end, we could badger Alan to start work on a fifth installment … or we could leave him alone to let him show us what else he can bring to the table. NMR just happens to think he’s got a brilliant future ahead of him — one that changes animation’s role in the public eye. Look not upon this release as the end of an era — but as the beginning of an amazing career.

But if you do find time to work on that fifth one, Alan … we’ll just be sitting here patiently.

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Somebody share this damn article so we can look like a new-age Nostradamus when we turn out to be right!

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