Anna Akana Slays The Competition With ‘Miss Earth’ Pilot

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I’ve achieved a whole new respect for Anna Akana. I’ve never disrespected her exactly, but with her contribution to the New Form Digital shorts program, she’s escalated her stock profoundly in my eyes. Anna’s pilot, called Miss Earth, demonstrates Anna’s capabilities not only as an actress, but as a writer as well. In crafting Miss Earth, Anna teaches the wisdom of standing up to blind allegiance through a parable about an intergalactic beauty pageant — and that’s only episode one. If this pilot gets picked up, who the hell knows what other lessons we’ll learn about life, love, compassion and bikini contests?

Anna, who has previously and routinely was linked to Ray William Johnson (they broke up back in July), now strikes up on her own and easily demonstrates that she is an intergalactic force to be reckoned with.

Miss Earth tells the story of twin sisters — one who is meant to be Earth’s representative in a universal beauty contest, and the one who actually ends up competing. The contest is meant to determine — in an incredibly superficial way — whose planet ends up getting destroyed. We won’t ruin the surprise, but considering that you’re reading this, just know that Ms. Akana (as Victoria and Arden Young) did her due diligence.

Furthermore, I cannot speak highly enough of Miss Earth’s costume/makeup work or talented cast of actors and actresses. Nobody hams it up or overshoots their character work — which considering the outlandish costuming, in lesser performer’s hands, would be easy to do. Some series in this program backed by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s New Form Digital look like they took the majority of their budgets and blew it on pizza bagels. Not Miss Earth — everything about this pilot dazzles the viewer and shows exactly what a talented group of performers can do with a few bucks. Will Akana, Greg Aronowitz and Kimberlee Hinkley all deserve special shout-outs for their contributions (it’s about time we credit the contributors as well as the stars in group efforts like this!).

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YouTubers, watch this short to see what the medium is capable of. Hopefully we get to see more from it.

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