Artist Turns Cats and Sushi Into His Personal Keyboard


Artistic types are fond of saying that you can make music anywhere and out of anything, and that’s technically a true statement. You can tap out a beat on almost any object and call it a song. Fortunately, we live in the crazy science fiction where technology lets us do everything bigger, louder, and better than before. Using a device called a Makey Makey, Los Angeles musician and artist Spazzkid can literally make music anywhere and out of anything. In this video he transforms everything from a sushi dinner, to a handful of potted succulents, to a tray of chicken nuggets into musical instruments that he can play like a virtuoso.

The Makey Makey works by turning objects into touch-pads that can be linked to any number of computer programs. Spazzkid has used the device to link ordinary objects to a computer synthesizer program, turning everything within reach into the keys of an imaginary and unlimited universal keyboard. My personal belief is that chicken nuggets are meant to be eaten and not played but I’ll let it slide this time in the name of art.


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