AwesomenessTV Launches Brick & Mortar Retail Store

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Does this mean Borders is coming back?

The latest trend to surface in the digital realm? Shopping. But this isn’t your futuristic point/click/buy shopping online experience complete with sketchy RetailMeNot coupons — nope, you actually have to leave your home for this. That is so crazy modern, right?!

First Amazon announced they were opening a physical store in New York and now AwesomenessTV has a shop coming to Los Angeles. Located at 428 N. Fairfax, near Melrose, the store looks to push AwesomenessTV merchandise as well as content creations.

“Scene@AwesomenessTV is the ultimate extension of the AwesomenessTV brand,” said Brian Robbins, founder and CEO of AwesomenessTV. “It will give us the opportunity to build upon the very special relationship our creators and fans already enjoy online with a physical gathering place showcasing their talents and enabling them to connect and create beyond YouTube in the real world.”

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According to the press release:

In addition to carefully selected merchandise as well as products that fans can custom design, Scene@AwesomenessTV will feature talent meet-ups, performances, and other unique events. AwesomenessTV creators will have the opportunity to shoot videos in and around the store.

“Just as short form content has captivated Gen Z online, we believe that short form or pop-up retailing will resonate with them offline,” said Jim Fielding, Global Head of Consumer Products and Retail, AwesomenessTV. “Our goal is to create a physical touch point to deepen the relationship with our customers as well as measure brand impact.”

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Jim Fielding seems like a pleasant enough fellow…

Making a store teens want to hang out and shop in … it’s so crazy, it just might work!

Share this article because damn it’s weird — this is like when they remade “Spiderman” right after they first made the “Spiderman” films … or something like that.