AwesomenessTV Will Reboot Richie Rich For Netflix


It looks like life under Dreamworks is sweet from AwesomenessTV. Streaming giant Netflix has just ordered its first scripted series from the teen focused YouTube network, a live-action reboot of “Richie Rich.” Old people will remember the 1994 live action film Richie Rich starring “Home Alone” headliner Macaulay Culkin as the “the richest boy in the world.” Even older people will recall the Richie Rich comics which made their debut way back in 1953.

That latest update to the iconic franchise has an initial order for 21 episodes and will star Jake Brennan, a young actor whose most recent credits include the 2013 horror film Dark Skies. While previous versions of the Richie character inherited their wealth from their parents, this modern day Richie Rich is an entrepreneur not an heir. According to an early draft of the series, the Richie Rich of 2014 earns $1 trillion dollars by inventing a new form of green energy technology.

This is the latest in a string of big moves for AwesomnessTV. Recent months have seen the the network expand into book publishing as well as setting up their own brick and mortar store to sell Awesomeness branded merch. They’ve also been at the forefront of bringing YouTube groomed creators to television in a partnership with kid-leaning network Nickelodeon. Awesomeness has developed its own shows before including musical comedy Side Effects, but this will be one of the MCN’s first major projects to debut entirely outside of YouTube.


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